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Measurable Outcome #4

Measurable Outcome #4

"EAP results will reflect a 3% increase over the prior year in students identified as "college ready"".

The stated goal was a 3% improvement in "College Ready" not "College Ready" + "Conditional" 

There are several errors in the LCAP:

ERROR #1:"Official CDE EAP "College Ready" data for 2013-14 was 58% were "College Ready" or "Conditional" in ELA and 65% in Math unofficial CDE EAP "College Ready" data for 2014-15 will be available in summer 2015"

"College Ready" + "Conditional" was 58% in English Language Arts and 60% in Math

"College Ready" was 23% in English Language Arts 14% Math

ERROR #2: Mixing "College Ready" and "College Ready" +"Conditional" is misleading for the Public.

ERROR #3: In 2013-14 "College Ready" + "Conditional" in Math is 60% according to CDE, not the 65% reported on the LCAP

ERROR #4: In 2013-14 "College Ready" + "Conditional" in English Language Arts is 23% + 15% = 38%, not the 58% reported in the LCAP

ERROR #5: The LCAP Annual Review is adopted before the new data is out so there is no availability at the time the Board votes on the LCAP to determine if the Goal has been met.

ERROR #6: The Board voted to adopt the LCAP with incorrect information. Unless the Board amends the LCAP to reflect the correct information, the Public will be comparing incorrect information on next years LCAP annual review making the LCAP a meaningless document which offers no recourse for parents and the public. 

The Official CDE EAP "College Ready" data is as follows:

"College Ready"

English Language Arts:

2013: 23%

2014: 25% (+2% Goal Not Met)

Algebra II:

2013: 6%

2014: 3% (-3% Goal Not Met)

Summative High School Math

2013: 22%

2014: 17% (-5% Goal Not Met)

All Math

2013: 14%

2014: 10% (-4% Goal Not Met)

"College Ready" + "Conditional" 

English Language Arts 38% + 3% = 61%

2013  "College Ready" 23% + "Conditional" 15% = 38%  

2014  "College Ready" 25% + "Conditional" 15% = 40% (+2 Goal not met)

Algebra II

2013 "College Ready" 6% +"Conditional" 22% = 28%

2014 "College Ready" 3% +"Conditional" 13% = 16% (-8% Goal Not Met)

Summative High School Math

2013 "College Ready" 22% +"Conditional" 66% = 88%

2014 "College Ready" 17% +"Conditional" 65% = 72% (-16% Goal Not Met)

All Math

2013 "College Ready" 14% +"Conditional" 46% = 60%

* LCAP incorrectly states 65% actual data is 60%

2014 "College Ready" 10% +"Conditional" 41% = 51% (-9% Goal Not Met)

Supporting Documentation

EAP- Early Assessment Program College Readiness

The data shows a substantial, and continual decline in Math for all students. The data also reflects that the number of students choosing to take Algebra II has declined. When tested, only 3% of students taking Algebra 2 were ready for college work, down from 6% the previous year.

All demographics performed equally poor in Algebra II. 

2013 EAP Early Assessment Program

2014 EAP Early Assessment Program 

June 24, 2015 Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda Item #5, Exhibit #5 2015-16 Local Control and Accountability Plan and Annual Up-date at page 36.54 page 56 of 73 The LCAP states: "Official CDE EAP "College Ready Data for 2013-14 was:

2013-14 College Ready + Conditional for English = 58%

*The report says College Ready 23% + Conditional 15% = 38% not 58%

College Ready + Conditional for Math (Total) 65%

The report says College Ready Math 14% + Conditional 46% = 60% not 65%

The LCAP Annual Review gives no 2014-15 data and simply states data for 2014-15 will not be ready until the summer of 2015.

The Board is voting to approve an LCAP that will be submitted for review to the Orange County Department of Education without having the data needed to determine student achievement.

The LCAP is meaningless without data.

The LCAP was approved containing errors which will make the LCAP for the following year have errors.

The accurate data should be:

College English

2013-14  College Ready (23%) + Conditional English (15%) = 38%

2014-15 College Ready (25%) + Conditional (15%) English = 40% an improvement of 2%

College Math (Total)

2013-14  College Ready (14%) + Conditional English (46%) = 60%

2014-15 College Ready (10%) + Conditional (41%) English = 51% a decline of 9%

Students wishing to attend a UC or Cal-State school (not Community College) must complete Algebra 2 by the end of 11th grade. In 2013, the number of students that were "College Ready" or "Conditional" in Algebra II was 28%. In 2014 that number dropped to 16% (a 12% decline).

College Algebra II

2013-14  College Ready (6%) + Conditional (22%) = 28%

2014-15 College Ready (3%) + Conditional (13%) = 16% 

The State of California has changed it's Math standards without informing the public in a transparent manner.

The Old California State Standards (prior to Common Core State Standards) required that students take 2 years of Math (completion of Algebra I) to graduate. When the state adopted the new Common Core State Standards, students were required to take 3 years of math (completion of Algebra II with a "C") to graduate. It is interesting to note that CDE now has "California" Common Core State standards that require students take 2 years of Math (completion of Algebra I with a "D") to graduate. The State of California is preparing High School students for Community College, not a 4- year selective college. That is why the State of California is putting additional funding into Community College, to prepare for a very large influx of graduating High School students that are not prepared to attend a 4-year college or University.

LAUSD board weighs options as college prep policy threatens graduation.